Baltimore City, Maryland

04:15 p.m. – A CSX freight train derailed about of a mile inside of a tunnel that runs under Baltimore City.
The tunnel breaks at the Old Mount Royal Station, (ADC map coordinates 35A11) which is now part of the Maryland Institute for the Arts, and near were the Annual Art Scape is held.
Heavy black smoke was coming from both ends of this section of the tunnel, the south end being at Camden Yards (ADC map coordinates 43A1), and right next to the Camden Yards Ball Park.
Four cars have derailed, and it is believed that there may be Hydro Chloric Acid as well as other acid types in rail tank cars involved in this incident.
A fifth alarm was struck at 5:19 p.m. and the Camden Yards area is being evacuated. Also, Baltimore Emergency Management sounded the Civil Defense Sirens, and requested that ALL persons living in the area remain in doors, keeping windows and doors closed.
Rail traffic for both CSX, the MARC passenger line, and the light rail have effected.
Light rail passengers were being bussed from Patapsco Station, to Camden Station. - MARC passengers were being bused from Camden to the Dorsey Station.
Anne Arundel County and Baltimore County Fire / EMS units were requested to transfer to city stations to fill in for those involved on this incident.
At least one, and as many as six fire fighters may have been injured wile working this incident.
The two man crew of the train escaped from the incident with out harm.

The train was traveling from N.J. to South Carolina, through Baltimore along the main CSX line when an undetermined problem caused this incident.
Maps of the area are at this link:
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