charlotte nc working fire 1 story wood house 2 rooms going on engines 2 arrival fire held with 2 lines.vent and search by ladder 2 all neg. engines 2,10,ladder 2 batt1.w/f engine 1 rescue 3 batt3.
mva pinin tyvola road area. van struck by 18 wheeler into pole wires down and live power. kept crews away.power company took 30 min to arrive. all minor injuries. major power outage in area. engines 12,20,ladder2 batt 5 rescue 10
concord. nc working fre 2 story furniture store heavy fire in store. at 130 cabbarus ave concord using 3 engines 2 ladders 2 rescues 1 batt ems water department on scene.
heavy damage to old building.
kannopolis nc 230 s. main street. 1 story woood house heavy fire through out home.3 engines 2 ladders on scene. house is total loss.
fort lawn sc. fireworks plant exploded. windows broken in 2 mile area. 1 building totaly destoryed 2 others burning. lots of spot fires in area. 1 dead at hospital. 3 injuried,1 airlifted to charlottte trama center. 9 engines 3 ladders 8 tankers and large number of support units on scene. crews will be there all night. will updqate tommrow