The following incident occured on 7-19-01 in E.Whiteland Twp. Chester County.

12:40hrs: Box 05-06, Rte. 401 north of Valley Hill Rd. for a truck.

12:41hrs: Battalion 5 enroute, advised by Chester County Fire Radio that several calls being rec'd for a tractor trailer explosion and fire.

12:43hrs: Hazmat 15, Medic 92-1 dispatched. M 92-1 advised heavy smoke showing from their building.

12:46hrs: E-6-1(W.Whiteland), E-4-1(Malvern) added.

12:50hrs: Batt. 5 on scene, reporting a box truck well off, and a tractor trailer w/ rear half involved in fire.

12:52hrs: E-61-1(Kimberton), Tanker 47(Lionville) added.

12:56hrs: P.D. request ALS expidite to Valley Hill & Rte. 401 for 2 class 1 burn victims (drivers of both vehicles involved)

12:57hrs: 5 Command advised two dwellings possible involved in fire.

12:56hrs: E-6-2, TW-6, L-4, E-47-2, E-47-4, Squirt 47, E-61-2, R-61, E-3-2(Paoli) added

12:58hrs: Aermedical requested, Pennstar I enroute, Comm I requested.

13:02hrs: E-48-5(Glenmoore), E-63-5(Liberty-Spring City), Tnkr 53(Fame-West Chester), Tnkr 32(Elverson), Tnkr 39(W. Bradford) added.

13:18hrs: Pennstar II enroute.

13:20hrs: Command advised Tnkr 61 supplying E-5-5, balance of tankers feeding into Tnkr 61.

13:25hrs: Command advised E-5-5 surpressing from the north side w/ tnkr ops, E-5-3 surpressing from the south side w/ hydrant supply.

13:27hrs: Command advised product in tractor trailer is Hexane liquid, allowing the trailer to self vent and burn off product. Fire on exterior of two dwellings extinguished.

14:55hrs: Command advised that two hand-lines in service to cool tank.

15:45hrs: Firefighting activities 90% complete, shutting down hand-lines to evaluate scene.*Incident Under Control*

16:12hrs: Mutual aid begins to be released.

18:53hrs: Begin off loading of remaining product in trailer.

20:40hrs: E-5-5, E-5-3, Tnkr 61, Tnkr 47 remaining on location until off loading complete.

22:16hrs: Off loading complete.

23:20hrs: All units clear and available.

*As of this writing, both drivers of the involved vehicles were at Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Upland Delaware County in critical condition.
This incident is under investigation by the Chester County Fire Marshall's Office.