charlotte nc 2 alarm fire 5600 essex drive at the corner of sardis and providence roads. 2 story wood and brick 6 unit condo. all but one unit empty at time of the fire. building was almost f/i on arrival of first due engine 19. fire was threating other buildings. 2nd alarm called. 6 handlines 2 ladder towers used. all night fire watch.1st alarm engines 19,14 ladder 16 batt 4, w/f engine 3 rescue 3 batt 1 . 2nd alarm engines 2,8,16 ladder 29, batt3,2, s/c tankers 9,32,21 (tankers are 1250 gpm with 1600 water) s/c call 2 engines for relife engines 31(16 miles away) engine 26 all units will be rotated all night for fire watch evert 2 hours.time of fire 1300 pm,8 units on live fire drill at time of fire.
working haz mat fire. 8000 westinghouse blvd. oil recovery tank farm had 1 5000 gallon tank over heat. small fire held in check until system was shut down.engines 26 from 2nd alarm 12,30,ladder26 batt5 haz mat 1,2 car 17
working fire 1805pm 7600 harrisburg road 2 story wood house.heavy fire and smoke from second floor. top floor fire. 3 lines out and working.units still on scene. fire under control. engines 34,23,3,ladder29 batt4 w/f engines 15 rescue 3 most units have worked at 2nd alarm fire.