7/21/2001- 1784
Youngstown: *Working Fire*. Corner of Overland and Delason. Cos: Eng 2, 3, 15, Lad 22, Squad 33, BN 1, 2. Structure is a vacant house.

Additional: Lad 24 responding, Lad 22 clear and in service. BN 2 enroute, reports heavy smoke visible.

Additional: BN 1 requesting Ohio Edison and Ohio Dominion Gas to scene.

Additional: S/C Eng 7, Eng 9. Structure is almost fully involved. Lad 24 is up and flowing.

Additional: Operations have gone from containment to surround and drown. House is fully involved. Lad 24, Eng 7 TeleSqurt up and flowing.

Most units on scene until 1945. Eng 9, Eng 2 clear early.

As of 2115, Lad 24 was still on the scene hosing down the remains of the structure. An engine company, I believe Eng 7, was still on scene as well, but I could not make out which one because it was dark and they had the area blocked to keep cars out of the area.

*** End Of Report ***

I was on the scene for about two hours, in that time, they tried an interior attack, but failed because of heavy smoke and flames. Within an hour, the whole structure collapsed, as a result of both the fire damage and high pressure aerial streams. At one point, it looked like they had it U/C, but a flare-up on the second floor eventually brought the roof down along with the rest of the structure. Twice apparatus had to be reposisitioned due to hydrant pressure going down, so they had to move the trucks to find a new hydrant. Throughout the course of the fire, they had heavy exposure problems on side 4, as a house was less than 5 feet away. A handline was in place for almost the entire fire flowing in between the buildings. Another poblem was that trees were in between that space, almost connecting the two homes, so they kind of ran in as fast as they could and cut them down. It was kind of weird, but at one point, during the interior search, a FF came out of the front door with some flames in the background, and it really reminded me of Backdraft a little....really spooky.

Check out http://youngstownfiredept.8m.com and go to the YFD Pics section, Page 5 for photos of this fire. (Not posted yet, but should be by 8pm 7/22/2001.