On Friday afternoon a pilot flying into El Monte municpal airport reported seeing heavy smoke and fire coming from a rubber recycling plant down below, The pilot notifed the El Monte tower who quickly dialled 9111, Being that palnt was on the border of both Monrovia and Iriwindale,(LA County Fire covers Irwindale), Full 1st alarm assignments were dispatch from both monrovia and LA County Fire, As Battalion 10 left quearters locatred at Station 101 he could see large column of black smoke and asked Verdugo to give him a 2nd alarm, Monrovia Truck and Squad 102 were on scene and it was determined this incident was not within the City of Monrovia Boundrys and that the County of Los Angeles Fire Department would handle, The fire was located in the middle of some alets that contined rubber materials used to make street surfacing products, The fire was very pesky and had LA County Battalion 10 requestiing mutilple alarms, There were several residential neighborhoods near the plant and fearinf toxic fumes might speard to these areas Longden Command had Haz Mat 43 respond, It was determined that there were no tokic fumes so evacuations would not be needed, The fire burned at 1000 egress and refuesd to go out, Longden command also requested a bulldozer to assit with fire operations and also reuqested that the City of Irwindale increase the water pressue to assist with fire suprresion efforts, Ovewrheaed were severals news choppers from Local TV Statiosn which were carrying coverage of this incident live, The fire eventually grew to 5 alarms which brought scores of Firefighters from Monrovia, Arcadia and LA County to the scene, It toom 170 Firefighter's 3 hours to control the blaze and fire crew remained on scene into the early morning hours of Friday making sure this fire was completley out, At this time the cause of the fire is till unknown and the owner as yet to estimate to total amount of damage