charlotte friday afternoon.9515 ceader knoll dr. 1 story wood house. fire in 1 room in rear with some extention into attic. fire called in by neighbor from 1 block away(behind house)fire held to area of orgin. engines 29,19,3 ladder 29 batt4w/f rescue 3 engine 9 batt3.
2nd alarm high rise building. a downtown resturant. in a 4 story section of the nations bank tower a 65 floor office building. engine 4 reported heavy smoke on arrival and asked for second alarm. fire in kitchen and into duct work. fire extended to roof area. 3 large handlines used inside wirth one on the roof to cool venting area.
damage was in duct work and ceilig area. high rise box first alarm. engines4,1,5,2,ladder4,1, batt1,2 rescue 10 2nd alarm engines 8,64,18,6 ladder16,18 batt3 car 28 pio car 2-5 dep chiefs
concord nc working fire. 2501 hamptom chase dr. 1 story wood house f/i on arrival of concord units. house has very heavy damage.4 engines 2 ladders 2 batt 1 rescue.
concord 708 church street 1 story wood mill house. heavy fire in rear. access was hard due to narrow streets and rear alley. fire did heavy damage to 3 rear rooms. 3 engines 2 ladders 1 rescue 1 batt
1840 monday working fire charlotte 2750 meadowcliff dr 2 story wood house fire on top floor into roof area. ladder 23 is venting all searches neg. fire still being worked. engines15,23,ladder 23(runnning spare engine no ladder) batt4 w/f engine 7,34,ladder4 batt 3 rescue 3