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    Default Rescue-turned-washaway..

    We just had a page around midday telling us about a car crash on the small highway that runs through my town - possible persons trapped - I didn't get to go to this one (no transport to the station as I'm not old enough to drive alone!), however it turned out that no-one was injured - the cars were just messed right up.

    That was the first of a few crashes today...(I got down to the middle of town around 3pm in time to see the remainder of a souped-up Torana being towed away after smashing into a brick post in front of a shop..) ..my town is currently *slightly* flooded!

    Reminds me of a time when I was with several of Wonthaggi Brigade's members - we were supporting a nearby brigade (Phillip Island, for those of you who know of the famous Australian racetrack with crew numbers, and we were called to a flooded-out general store because the shop owners knew that we would turn out a heck of a lot faster than any other emergency service in the area

    I never expected that volunteer firefighting would involve sweeping water and digging trenches out of a shop...

    A female firefighter...now who
    would've thought of that?

    Proud Volunteer with the C.F.A.

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    yup.. edit does a bit of that with the hospitals in the area when large amounts of rain come through .. severl years back we had to help out with the SES cause they had far to many calls from the huge storms, we also provide power to the nursing homes and stuff when there is a black out..

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