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    Default heat wave hits charlotte

    charlotte nc a heat wave has been causing problems for the charlotte and other local fire departments.
    rowan county first fire saint stepens church road homeowner using pressure washer caused a short on the meter box. the fire spread up the side of the home and also got inside. 6 rowan county fire stations called to the scene. the 2 story 2000 sf house has about 80,00 dollars damage.
    charlotte 4306 wilkinson blvd. a mcdonalds was the scene of a 1 alarm fire. no one was injuried in the tuesday eveing fire. danage to the building was heavy. engines 10,17,ladder2 batt2.w/f engines 5 rescue 10 batt6.
    charlotte working fire 3901 wilkinsinn blvd.1 story 1800 sf store,now vacant due to city urban renewal. building was a total loss at the 6 am alarm this morning. engines 10,17,5,ladder2 rescue 3 batt6,1,
    rowan county winterlocken drive fatal fire. 70 year old man died in his home after smoking in bed and could not get out of house. 5 rowan and stanley county fds on scene.
    charlotte collaspe of building under construction. 300 s. college street. 30 stopry hotel had 2 concret floors collaspe 5 workers injuried and taken to local hospitals. investigation ongoing

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    Hi from New Bern. Just wanted to drop a note. I read many of the fire reports. I hope you are trying to stay cool down there. This last week I cringe everytime an alarm goes in, dread putting on my turnout gear as hot as it is.

    Be good and play safe kids.

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