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    Default Moulton,Alabama HOUSE FIRE!!

    On Friday 8-10 at 17:10 hours the Moulton Fire Dept. responded to 514 College St. to a reported kitchen fire. On arrival at 17:15 by E-20 a heavy smoke was noted throughout entire house. Occupants stated they had a grease fire on stove but fire was out.Light fire damage in kitchen and moderate smoke damage in rest of house.After removal of smoke we cleared scene at 17:48.One occupant transported to hospital due to stress from fire.
    Units responding: E-20,E-16,E-17 and Chief 101

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    Good job guys smoke removal can be a hard task if concentrated enough.. We received a similar type call but the station was on the other side of town. Took about 10 to 12 min. to get on scene. I assumed the worst I figured by the time the first arriving unit got there it would be involved well into the house but it was OK a little kitchen damage, ventilated check for possible extention and cleared the scene.. Once again Good Job...

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