charlotte nc the story that fires come in three's seems be be true in charlotte today.
the first fire was a one room kitchen in a group home at 2114 e. seventh street. all seaqrches neg. fast control by engine 6. cause is food on the stove.engines6,8,64,ladder1 rescue 3 batt1
the second fire took place at rupert lane a 2 stroy house. heavy fire on first floor. owners got out due to smoke alarm. fire did heavy damage to both floors. engines 34,15,ladder23,batt4 w/f engine 23,rescue 3 batt 6
third fire. 523 norris ave. 1 story wood house very old. fire caused by short in wires. 2 rooms going good on arrival of engine 7. all searches neg. ladder 4 vented control in 30 min. engines 7,22,4, ladder 4 rescue 3 batt1,2,
current action. a line of heavy thunderstorms in the charlotte area causing a number of fires and auto accidents. city and county units running hard.