08-10-01 Late entry. Rock Hill units dispatched for structure fire at McDonalds. First in unit Eng 1 arrived on scene with smoke showing. Eng 1 secured its own water supply by laying app 200 of 4 inch. Next in RES 2 pulled 1 3/4" and began attack. Once inside building RES 2's crew found deep fryer burning with some extension to surrounding walls. CO2 extinguisher used to extinguish deep fryer. Ladder 1 was on roof opening up, and checking for extension. PPV fan set up to remove smoke. TIC used to check for extension behind walls. Employees of McDonalds stated that the self extinguishing system failed to operate.
Temps that day in mid 90's, crew's operated for app. 2 hours.
FIB on scene to search for cause and to determine why hood system did not operate.
Units on scene ENG 1, RES 2, ENG 4, LAD 1 and BAT 1.Great job by crew's on scene to keep damage to a minimum
Same crews called for another building fire at a local school. Upon arrival of first due ENG 1 found a couch burning behind school. no extension to building.

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