midland nc 17 miles east of charlotte.
hwy 24/27 at hwy 601 presnell plastics and insulation,a 100x 150 1 story cinder block building was the scene of a 5 alarm fire saturday.during a heavy thunderstorm midland firefighters werecalled to the site. upon arrival heavy fire was found in the east side of the building. due to high fire load and lack of quick water supply the fire grew. with all 5 alarms struck in 15 min. 6 area departments responded to the scene. at the height of the fire 3 ladders up and in use. 5 deck guns and 7 handlines. the building was a total loss. damage is about 1.6 million dollars.
charlotte nc working fire 3015 shopton road 1 story wood house. steel creek vfd first due,found heavy fire and one victim. the victim was treated for smoke and relased. the home has very heavy damage.