Jersey City, New Jersey (Hudson) At 14:15hrs FDJC fire dispatch transmited district 704 for a fire reported at 161 Martin Luther King Dr. A 3 sty brk occupied multiple dwelling, upon arrival Eng Co. 19 reported jumpers from the fire building. Deputy Cheif Kearny (shift commander) transmitted the second alarm enroute and requested 2 additional truck companies to the scene. A third alarm was transmited due to a heavy volume of fire, along with the fire extending into exposure "B" and "Ba". Fire then consumed all three buildings and all companies were removed and a extieror attatck was in progress. The firemen were hampered in their efforts due to 90 degree heat and rehab was required asap.

14:15hrs Alarm Eng 22-19-8-13 Trk 4-8
Res 1 Batt 2
14:18hrs Working Fire Units Sqd-4 Trk-9 Dep 1

14:19hrs 2nd Alarm Eng 17-10-9 Trk-11 Car-26
Batt 4
14:22hrs Special Call Trk 3-7

14:24hrs 3rd Alarm Eng 5-15 Trk 12

15:07 Special Call Trk-7

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