charlotte nc working fire 5215 south tryon street. 1 story wood house 1/4 mile from street. very heavy fire on arrival. one person rescued. treated and released. engines 12,20, ladder 2 batt3 w/f engine 20,2,batt5 rescue 10.
working fire 1030 remount road. 14x65 mobile home used by homeless. f/i on arrival. total loss of building. engines10,2,5 ladder2 rescue 10 batt1,3
2nd alarm brush fire. mcauther ave between I85 and possint ave 6 acre brush fire. high temps in the 90s slowed crews. tankers and brush units called from all over the county. making a second alarm response. engines11,18,22,tankers 21,31,22,27,city brush,5,20,33,31,ladder18,batt1,3,6, county brush all vfd cooks,long creek,west meck,gilead,matthews,robinson,county tankers,cooks,long creek,huntersville,matthews,steel creek, 3 forestry units also on scene. hot spots still being worked 12 hours later.
working fire.1313 fontana street. 1 story wood house. fire set by adult son of owner. fire into roof on arrival. good work with 3 lines saved building. police looking for son. engines 4,5,11 ladder4 batt1 w/f rescue 10,engine 18 batt6