charlotte nc 5 working fires kept city firefighters busy this weekend.the first fire at 3308 ried ave a 1 story wood house was damaged in an early evening fire. leaving 2 cause yet. engines10,2,17,ladder 2 batt2 w/f rescue 10 batt6 engine 13
working fire 7700 cove creek dr. 3 story wood apartments. fire on first floor. good stop by engines 3,29 with 2 lines. 1 unit has heavy damage.1 unit smoke and water. engines 3,29,19,ladder29,batt4 w/f rescue 3 engine 14 batt1
2 hours later 3344 rose thorn place 3 story wood apartment. first due engine 12 called for 3 medic units for victims. many found on primary search. 2 units damaged. 3 to the hospital for smoke and burns.engines12,2,20,ladder2,batt3 w/f engine 30 rescue 3 batt5
4 hours later 3444 spanish quarters dr. 3 stroy wood apartments. top floor fire flame through roof on arrival. fast work by engine 3,ladder23, helad fire to 2 units. 1 smoke victim. engines 3,23,15, ladder 23 batt4 w/f rescue 3 batt1 engine 14
2345 marvin road 1 story wood house set on fire by boyfrined. heavy fire showing on arrival. haevy fire damage to home. suspect in jail. engines14,3,6 ladder1 batt4 w/f rescue3 batt1 engine29.
high shoals nc 20 miles north of charlotte 6 million dollar plant fire 3 story brick/wood thread factory f/i 10 area departments sent to assist in controling still being fought.12 hours so far