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    Default Firemen Labor on Labor Day in NJ

    After taking a trip to Egg Harbor City (Atlantic County)over the last weekend of the summer. My family and I decided to go home to Jersey City early to beat the traffic. I made a quick decision to stop at my parents house in Lawerenceville (Mercer County). After arriving about 12:30 I turned my scanner and to my delight I heard Lawerence Control give out a alarm of fire at 2132 Lawerence Rd at 13:40. I told the wife I was going to take it in. Upon arriving I saw a smoke condition in the area. The fire was in the roof area of a 2 sty frame. A 2nd Alarm was requested as all Lawerence, Lawerenceville and a M/A truck co from Hamilton operated at the scene. So after returning home to my parent's house. My wife and I were on our way to the Mall to do some back-to-school shopping for our children. At 16:58 Momouth County fire dispatch sounded a alarm of fire at Rt. 36 & Poole a radio alarm from a ALS unit on the air. Upon arrival units reported "heavy fire" in a 200 x 75 Commercial Building. Well with that said, I decided to take it again and within the next 15 minutes I was off again. I was there in roughly 30 minutes as in Mercer County they don't take to kindly to firebuffs rushing to fires. While responding to the fire a more detailed report was given over the fire radio along with Breaking News Network Paging Service indicating the fire was well involved and through the roof of the fire building.(Jim's Heating & Cooling Warehouse). Once I arrived I saw two (2)Towerladder's in operation along with (2)Laddepipes, numerous deck guns and unteen handlines. This was definite a "surround and drown" operation in effect. M/A companies from eight (8) surrounding towns went to work at the scene this was a great fire to watch from near and far as the smoke condition was visable for miles. After staying for a hour I decided to get the wife and kids and continue on my quest for home. Making it home at 19:15, after taking the bags out of the car and just sitting down to collect my thoughts of the weekend, my pager went off again as Bayonne (Hudson County) had a "worker" in the old Englander Mattress Factory at North st. & Ave A. I started to the car only to here Jersey City (Hudson County)give out a Alarm of Fire at 30 Clarke Ave. I decided since Clarke Ave. was only a few blocks away I would take that in because I may get lucky, and I did as Eng 17 (which was first to arrive) reported "Heavy fire on the 1st floor of a 2 1/2 sty frm transmit the 2nd alarm". The fire extended to the 2nd flr and to the cockloft before firemen could get a handle on the situation. Ironic enough the occupants were enjoying a Labor Day cookout in the back of the house not realizing the heavy smoke was not from the grill but from their house. I kept my ear to Bayonne fire distpatch and to various buff frequecies to keep me updated on the Bayonne job. The updates were getting interesting by the minute as Bayonne's Deputy 1 reported he had heavy fire through the roof of a 200 x 300 vacant mattress factory with two (2) Towerladders in operation along with numerous handlines, this eventually went to a so called 3rd Alarm. Although Jersey City and North Hudson operated at the scene a recall way made and reserve companies were operating at the scene. I decided I saw enough fire for one day and went home and monitored the Bayonne job.

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    I was on the Rt 185&Rt440 interchange on the Bayonne Jersey City Border when i heard Bayonne Fire Dispatch put at the the JOB "From a resident he can see fire inside the Englander warehouse". With that i look in that direction and saw a LOOM of heavy black smoke in the air and i was 3 miles away. Engine 4 gave a report of heavy smoke showing as they were going down Ave A. I know this was going to be a big job. I was familiar with the building. Heavy Fire was coming from the Office section of the warehouse this part was a 2 sty ordinary 200 x 200, this was the eastside of the building but the fire was also rolling along the roof of the attach 500X300 warehouse.This building was also known as the ELCO Marine. PT boats from WWII were built there.Getting BIG water to the scence was a problem. the area was a dead end with few hydrates in the area.TRUCK 1 went to work real quick with the tower ladder. Crews did a good job of positioning the rigs on the fire ground. plus the warehouse was boarder by th NEWARK BAY on the west side with a 50 feet hill on the eastside.All of Bayonne's 7 Engine company's were operating (Hook to plugs or being fed)2tower ladders were up and flowing. Engine 1 drafted from newark bay with front and side suction and fed 2 pumpers(E2-E6).this was due to the pump operator of Engine 1 who had greatknowlege of this pumpers capabilities (engine 1 was the former MOTBY Engine 1 and was GIVEN to the city after the army base closed).The job came in at 2005 hrs by 2300 they had control of the fire and crews were rotated troughout the next day.Truck 1 and Eng 4 were stiil there operating with the towerladder hitting smloldering hot spot and this was 20 hours after the the oringinal call.

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