On Labor Day, 9/3/01,members of Hazlet Fire Co.#1 responded to a working structure call at an abandoned warehouse. On arrival the first truck had fire blowing through the roof of the warehouse. An immeidate call went out for the town's other two companies: North Centerville and West Keansburg. Shortly after that call, numberous mutal aid calls went out over the Monmouth County Fire Dispatch. Units responeded from the following towns: Keyport, Aberdeen Township, Keansburg, Union Beach, and Middletown Township. Repsonding as the FAST Truck was an engine from the U.S.Naval Weapons Station in Leonardo. In addition several first aid squads responded and Auxliary Police were called in to help with traffic. The warehouse was located on the corner of State Highway 36 and Poole Avenue. State highway 36 is a major artery to beach areas and the traffic quickly backed up. NJ State Police closed Exit 117 on the Garden State Parkway to help reduce the amount of traffic entering into the area. Just a short time into the call unit from Keansburg received a structure fire call for their own town. As they were in the process of laying 5 incy supply hose; units from Union Beach and Middletown Township were dispatched to handle the Keansburg call. Unit were on scene until 10 pm and had to bring in heavy equipment to move building debris so the fire could be complete extinguinsed. The fire is under investigaton at this time.