This past week tested the training, skills, and abilities once again for the Dale City Volunteer Fire Department (

Saturday morning started out with a townhouse fire that displaced a family after thier basement caught on fire. C141 from the OWL VFD ( marked onscene with a working basement fire. E131 and Tower 13 from Hillendale responded in and went to work.

Early Sunday morning, a commercial building fire was dispatched in the "South Woodbridge" area of Prince William County. Dale Citys Engine 101 was on the first alarm assignment. Units marked on the scene with heavy smoke from a strip shopping center. A special alarm was called by BC06 which consisted of 1 engine and 1 tower. Tower 13 was the second truck on the box. The fire was extinguished in about 15 minutes. Units worked for hours to remove the smoke.

Late Wednesday night, a fire was dispatched in the Hillendale area of Dale City with a report of the kitchen on fire. Units from DCVFD (E131, E18, TW13, BC05, SAF13, DC13) and an engine from Montclair responded. The fire was quickly extinguished in about 5 minutes. The occupant sustained minor burns to the arms, head, and feet after an attempt to extinguish the blaze with a garden hose. The occupant was transported to the local hospital for evaluation.

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