charlotte nc while city and county firefighters have been busy helping raise money for new york they have also been busy with the normal daily life.
after the wtc attack things in the city stayed quiet for 5 days. runs were down. with the start of a new week things returned to normal.all same shift
working fire 921 anderson street. 1 story house. fire in kitchen and into attic. 2 lines out and fire held in check. engines 15,7,ladder27 batt 2 w/f engine 64 rescue 3 batt 4
working fire 5317 woodtrush drive 1 story wood house 2 room fire. fast knockdown saved home. 2 lines used. engines,23,15,ladder23 batt4 w/f engine 29 rescue3 batt 1
working fire 332 woodgreen dr 1 story house fire in kitchen and comming out roof. 2 lines off engine20 searching.ladder 16 to vent. fire did heavy damage.engines20,12,ladder16 batt5 w/f engine 26 rescue 3 batt1,4
2nd alarm fire 3809 beam road. 1 story brick office and dinng complex. fire throughout 20,000 sf sports bar on arrival. some evtention into other offices. companise made good stops on all sides. fire damage to orgin unit and 2 others.1st alarm engine 30,17,ladder26 batt5 w/f engine 10.rescue 10 batt 3 2 alarm engines12,2,13 ladder 2,rescue 3 batt1 div 1 damage 150,000
working fire fatal. convoer nc 2 story wood house 1 child slept upstairs and could not get out. good search in heavy fire failed due to flashover. 4 engines 2 ladders, 2 als units
god bless all of us at this time of loss