charlotte nc. city firefighters are still helping the fallen brothers in new york. on tuesday they had a food drive. over 2000 ready to eat meals were made ready and shipped to new york.also rescue 3 had made a decal for vehicles. it shows the flag and iaff loge. all money to go to the widows and childrens fund.
strange call. 3223 s. tryon street. 1 story brick 100x100 store vacant. engine 2 sent for gas odor. on arrival they found 7 windows broken out and gasoline poured thruoghout the building. a full box alarm was sent as well as haz mat teams. the 3 hours operation was safe and no fire took place.engines 2,12,ladder2 batt2,3,car 17,haz mat 1,2
working fire 1908 union street. companies on the streets reporting heavy smoke in the sky. dispatch advised of no calls yet. first call came from across the street. first due units found 20x40 storage building f/i with heavy fire load. storage building was gone on arrival.engines 64,8,ladder1 batt1
working fire 147 skyland ave 1 story wood house. child playing with matches caused fire. fire in 2 rooms,2 lines by units saved home. one adult transported for smoke.engines 6,14,8 ladder 1 batt1.w/f engine 4 rescue 10 batt4