harrisburg nc (10 miles north of charlotte) multi alarm fire in concret plant. 4905 stough dr. 2 story 500x125 plant, first due units found flames through the roof and running the lenght of the plant.harrisburg engines,1,2 tanker1 ladder 1. concord engine6,ladder3,4, jackson park engine1,2,3, rescue 1, allen engine1 manpower poplar tent1 engine manpower. charlotte engine27 to harrisburg station 1 , robinson vfd to harrisburg station 2. fire under control in 8 hours.
charlotte. working fire 210 s. summit ave 2 story brick 4 family home.first floor fire. 3 blocks from engine 5.good stop with 2 lines.engines5,4,10,ladder 4 batt6,1 rescue 10.
working fire 1118 pondella dr 2 story wood house. food on stove was cause. owner attempted to fight fire with garden hose. first due units found fire into roof.all got out prior to fd arrival.engines22,27,15 ladder27,batt3 w/f engine35 rescue3 batt4
3rd alarm fire working now 1625 hrs. 7500 reafield dr. 3 story wood apartments.first due engine 24 found fire on 2 floors with fore extending up and out. 6 units damaged at this time. fire under control. many handlines and ladder pipes in use.1st alarm engines24,9,19,32,ladder24,26,rescue3 batt,4,3 2nd alarm engines 12,14,tanker 32,(1250 gpm),20 ladder29 batt 5 (compaines called back from training) 3rd alarm engines 6,10,ladder 2 car 99 safety,car28 pio,car 10,11,12, alldep chiefs, engine 64 to station 14, engine 16 to station 32, engines 1 to engine 24 3rd in staging. 2 vfd units on stand by in station.