On Oct. 10, 2001 around 12 noon the Norrisville VFC (Station 10) was alerted for a 10-50 PI. Chief 10-1 arrived at location minuets later and upgraded the box to a rescue which brought an engine out of Jarettsville (Station 7)when he found a compact car that had rear-ended a flat bed tractor trailer loaded with roof trusses, with the passenger of the car trapped but in stable condition. Medic 1091 was first unit on scene and began Pt care while Rescue 1082 arrived and began extrication. Engine 713 arrived a short while later and assisted in the extrication. The extrication took about 15 min and the Pt was flown to Shock Trauma via MSPT.

Unis on Scene: E-713 E-1012(LZ)R-1082 M-1091
Chief 10-1 in Command