Employee finds a suspicious package at St John.

Tulsa, OK October 11, 2001 - 1545 hrs.

Tulsa Fire was called to St John Medical Center on 21st and Utica to investigate a box that was leaking white power substance. Engine 5 and Car 641 arrived on scene a few minutes after the call was dispatched. Car 641 set up St John Command, assigned Engine 5 and Engine 7 to investigation. The box was believed to be located in one of the storerooms in the main part of the Hospital. Ladder 4 was assigned to Lobby Control. Command requested Tulsa Police to close all roads around the hospital to traffic. Hazmat Task Force stage on Utica Ave, until Investigation found the location of the box

A hospital employee discovered the box about 30 minutes before the fire department was called.
The Engine 7's crew found a small-unmarked box in the storeroom on the Ground level of the building. The area was evacuated. About 30 Employees that may have been exposited were quarantine. The box was contained until entry team could be removed. None of the employees that were quarantine show any signs of sickness.

Hazmat crews along with Engine 1, made a Level One entry to the storeroom to remove the box from the building. Tulsa Police Helicopter took the box to FBI's Lab for testing. It will be several hours before the Substance is identified.

Patients and Employees in the upper floors of the hospital were not evacuated. St John Emergency Room was but on divert. Area hospitals were also called to verify that they did not receive any unknown packages.

Units on Scene: Tulsa fire Engine 1, 5 & 7; Ladder 4, Truck 7; Hazmat 1 & 2; Car 513, 521(PIO) 641 (CMD), 641 640(Safety) 761 (Investigator) 810 841, 894, 898; Tulsa Police "I" Units and Police Helo; EMSA 119 and Supervisor; and Tulsa County Health Dept.