10/09/01 00:07 hrs.-New Phila E-17, T-11, Dover E-1, New Phila Chief 21 dispatched, "Confirmed Structure Fire, Agland Co-op. E-17 could see flames 7 blocks away, ordered rest of 1st alarm, bringing New Phila E-19 and R-23. E-17 on scene calls command and reports 4 story building with fully involved on floors 2,3 and 4. orders 2nd alarm and calls for defensive mode. Chief 21 arrives on scene and takes command. orders 3rd and 4th alarm, with special call for aerials. 100 Firefighters on scene, all working. Command odres evacuation of nearby homes due to unknown amounts of pesticides burning. fire brought under control at 0600. scene turned over to Arson Task Force.