charlotte nc. as trhe anthrax scare spreads around the city of charlotte is going through the same thing. both haz mat units as well as engine and ladder 13 have been very busy. they have a normal run total of about 5 a week. this past week calls for these units have come close to 170. keeping units very 501 morehead street. the building was closed. the items found was sent for testing and found to be tile glue.
working fire 912 anderson street. second fore here in three weeks. minor damage to bathroom and roof. engines 7,15,ladder 1 batt3.
working fire 500 concordia ave 1 story brick house. very heavy fire in 3 rooms 2 lines out ladder 4 venting all searches neg. hiome has heavy damage.engines,11,7,4, ladder4 batt1 w/f engine 64 rescue 10 batt6
2nd alarm woodlawn at nations ford,day inn 3 story brick hotel fire in 2 rooms. lot of searches led to 2nd alarm. fire held to three rooms.1st alarm engines12,20 ,ladder2 batt5 w/f rescue 10.engine 2 batt 1 2nd alarm engines 16,30,8 ladder 16 batt 4