charlotte nc
charlotte had a busy day wensday. with four working fires in 24 hours.
working fire 5521 delivau dr 1 story wood house. fire in kitchen and rear of house. 2 lines out and stopped fire in 2 rooms.about 3:35 pm engines 23,15,ladder 23 batt4 w/f batt 1 rescue 3 engine 34
4:00 pm working fire less than one mile away
6644 covecreek drive. 1 story house that was vacvant. small fire in storage and 1 room engines15 cleared.engine35 ladder 27, battt3 held fire with one line. no extras sent.
16:00 6650 yates wood dr 2 story apartment. 3 miles south of other fires. engines 23,3, 29 ladder batt4. 1 room going 2 lines out.resuce 3 on the box as extra uinit.
2622 duncan ave 7:25 am 1 story brick house 3 room going quick stop. engines 8,64,7,ladder 4 w/f engine1 batt1,2, rescue 3
10216 creek wood drive 3 story apartment. arson fire. in empty apartment. heavy fire on arrival. held to 2 units smoke and watr to 2 more. engines24,32,16,ladder 24 tanker 32,batt5 w/f engine 20,9 rescue 3 batt1
long operation. ladder 2 to station 16 engine 26 to station 24,
working fire mint hill vfd.8053 mayling 1 story house, fire started in kitchen into attic good vent and fast lines held fire in check. good stop. mint hill idlewild vfd on scene. matthews vfd on stand by