charlotte nc working fire 1604 seigle ave. 2 story brick and wood apartment building. arson fire in one unit. heavy damage to that unit. 2 lines out. no extention to # 2 side #4 side was end of building. engines 8,64,ladder1, batt1 w/f engine4,ladder 4 rescue 10 batt4
salisbury nc fatal dorm fire. smoke detector was disabled just before fire. 3 story brick and wod building almost f/i on arrival. one student did not get out. almost no way to search. 5 rowan county departments on scene.
meck county/charlotte 7800 old dowd road. 2 story wood house. vacant in interstate construction area. house was shell on arrival of wesk meck vfd. aid from steel creek vfd cooks vfd,belmont vfd, charlotte engines30,17 building was total loss. this area has been scene of a lot of aron fires last 2 months.
charlotte nc working fire.arson fire causes three stores closed. fire set in 2 places. first was on loading dock of second hand store sprinklers stopped fire there. second place was large load of cardboard next to building. fire got into roof and pwoer service lines. water and smoke damage to 2 stores. they could be closed 2 weeks due to power line damage.engines 23,3,ladder23,batt4 w/f engine 29 ladder 29,rescue 3 batt1
charlotte bomb threat at wesk meck high school. full box sent. suspicous package found. all students evauated from building.police on scene. package was fake. some units returned to service on scene.engines 17,30,21, ladder18 batt3,5,haz mat 2
monroe nc haz mat response from charlotte. monroe fd called for haz mat response from charlotte due to day care having white powder on building.first reported as plane dropped item. tests showed no hazzard. meds to all kids to be safe. still looking for cause.may be from concret plant on next street.monroe engines1,2,4 ladder1 charlotte engine 29,batt4 haz mat 1,2,