charlotte nc working fire. 2800 double oaks road. 1 story 4 unit wood apartment. these were built during the second world war. heavy fire through roof on arrival. partial truss failure. all four units have heavy damage.engines11,18,4,ladd18 batt3 w/f engines 7,1, rescue 10 batt6
charlotte nc working fire 2 hours later. 725 hawthrone lane 8 unit 2 story brick and wood building fire in first floor unit. extention into public hall and one other unit. both fires cause by candles left burning.engines, 8,64,1 ladder1 batt 1 w/f engine6 rescue 3 batt4
cherryville nc (gaston county) working fire in 2 stroy wood house. rural area. house was gutted by fire. gaston stations 70,56,50
mt. holly (gaston county) 2 story house top floor fire 2 lines and on deck pipe to control of home total loss. gaston stations 30,32,34,33
salisbury nc main street. 2 story brick wood apartment. top floor fire.3 lines out held to 1 unit and smoke and water through out.salisbury city units engine1,2,4,ladder2,4,batt503,505 rowan county to scene and cover.