At 11:45a.m. on November 12, the Moulton Fire Dept. responded to a 14 x 60' house trailer fire. The trailer was being used as storage for an accountants tax papers and extra clothes. Upon arrival at 11:47 a.m. by Chief 101 he advised heavy fire and smoke showing from entire trailer.A 3" supply line was laid to Eng.16 and dual 1.75" lines were strectched 150' to the fire.Upon entry into the trailer by SCBA wearing firefighters,it was found that the entire trailer top to bottom and front to back was stacked with paper and clothes. After a lot of digging and removing of all the junk,the fire was brought under control at 12:10p.m. There was heavy damage to the trailer but a nearby trailer was saved. Units responding: Eng.16,
Eng.20, Rescue 17, and Chief 101.