charlotte nc. very dry weather is still hurting the charlotte area. a red flag alert has beeen placed until futher notice.
3 working fires have taken place in the last 2 hours.
working fire 8907 crosstimbers dr. newell vfd district.2 story brick wood house fire top floor and through roof. newell vfd,robinsonvfd,harrisburg vfd,charlotte engine34,tanker27, 2010 hrs
working fire plus 2800 griffin stret unknown typr structure very heavy fire first due engine 2 told incomming to pull 3 2 1/2 inch lines. 1 burn victim to hospital.engines 2,10,12 ladder 2 batt1.w/f engine30,1,rescue 10 ladder1 batt 5 2030 hrs.
working fire 9626 delrose lane 1 story wood in 2 rooms 2 lines out. fire held to room on arrival.engines 28,25 ladder18 batt6 w/f engine31 rescue 3 (both city heavy rescue's working )
just dispatched report of house fire in south charlotte area. city starting to run short on companies. will update when all info is in.