charlotte nc. working fire at 223 s. gardner ave 2 tory wood apartment. fire in 1 unit. smoke through out all 4 units. 2 lines held fire to one unit. engines,5,10,13,ladder 13 batt6 w/f rescue 10 emgine4,batt1
working fire with injuries. 1644 hallow lane 1 story wood house. fire in 1 room 1 male wwas using garden hose and was overcome by smoke. he was taken to mercy hospital and treated. fire damaged one room and hall. smoke throughout house. good stop by engine29. ( due to prior box in area normal first due units came back in service while first alarm was still in route) engines29,19 ladder 29 batt 4( rescue 3 engine 3 ) called back in service and filled out working fire units.