kannapolis nc fatal working fire 214 laura ave 1 story brick house. f/i on arrival. 1 female was rescued but died later from injuries. house is total loss. kannapolis,rowan 518,mt.pleasent on scene of 4 am fire.
kannapolis nc working fire 1 story wood resturant. heavy smoke and fire. retone for manpower and mutial aid from rowan and cabbarus counties. building suffered 60,000 damage.
freightliner lane mt. holly nc fire in truck plant 3 gaston county stations on scene. fire is under control.
gastonia nc working fire c&b chemicals s. york road.2 story metal building lot of fires from burning chemicals. 4 gaston county stations on scene.
charlotte 804 matheson ave 1 story wood house very old. 2 lines out.fire held to 2 rooms. tennant is suspect in fire. engines 7,11,15,ladder 1 batt1 w/f engine64 rescue 10 batt4
working fire 1040 e 36th street 1 1/2/ story vacant building. building was showing heavy fire through boared up windows on arrival. 4 lines out,1 line for #4 side.engines 7,15,11,64 ladder 18,1 batt1,4 rescue 10 (4 and 2 sent due to number of calls. 1 engine to maintain fire watch overnight.2 hour rotartion.)
charlotte mva pin in fatal hwy 29 at hwy 49. 3 vehicle mva 1 off overpass. flight service and 4 medic units sent. rescue box of engines 7,22,34,ladder 27 rescue 10 batt2,1,
waxhaw nc working fire 415 s.e. main street 1 story wood cafe smoke showing 2 union county stations on scene. no damage est.