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    Post never a dull moment in charlotte

    charlotte nc wensday working fire 4500 s. blvd. skyland family resturant. fire in 3 story neon sign,no damage to building. all hands working on keeping fire in check. engines2,12,10, ladder 2 batt 5 0430 hrs.
    2nd alarm 3500 eastway drive garinger high school. at start of school day fire in teachers office lead to closing of school and damage to 2 rooms in 500 building of school. lot of area to search. candle was left burning and caused 10,000 damage.engines 15,7,11 ladder 23 batt3 2nd alarm engines 8,64,1,ladder 4 rescue 3 batt6,1, car 28 ,2.24 0728 hrs.
    working fire 3322 valleygrove road 2 car garage f/i on arrival building has heavy damge.no vehicles inside. engines 29,3,23.ladder 29 batt 4
    1920 hrs.
    working fire 3022 walter ave. 1 story wood house. heavy fire 2 rooms and into attic. 2 lines out. ladder 2 venting and good control time. home has 45,000 damage. engines10,17,30 ladder2 batt3 w/f rescue 10 batt 6 engine 5
    kings mountain nc (20 miles west of charlotte) 3 1 1/2 story buildings on fire all in a row on the same street.e.king street. first in units found 2 building with heavy fire showing. third was set while other being fought.7 departments from cleveland and gaston counties on scene. owner of buildings has been arrested for the arsons.
    area has also been scene of some other arson fires in last month.

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    First, let me state that I enjoy reading your reports of Charlotte Fire Department. I have several friends in the Charlotte Fire Department. However the only thing that was right in your report about the fire in Kings Mountain was that it was on the same street and it was in Kings Mountain. Also, that the fires are suspicous in nature.

    The Kings Mountain Fire Department was dispatched for smoke in the area of 200 E. King St. While enroute, they were advised that this will be a structure fire. On arrival, there was heavy fire in the house. Command requested the two closest neighboring departments be sent to this location. This was Bethlehem and Oak Grove Fire Departments. As the mutual aid department were ariving the Kings Mountain Police Department notified the incident commander that the house two doors down was on fire. On scene firefighters were re-assigned and a third mutual aid department was requested. This was the Grover fire Department. The incident comander special called the air unit from the Number Three Fire Department. In the second house, there was rapid fire spread, indicating poss. acceralant useage.

    The response to this incident was: Kings Mountain Fire Department (KMFD), Engine 282, 283, 284, Ladder 1, Light/Air/Command Unit 288; Bethelehem Fire Department (BFD) Engine 312 and 313; Oak Grove Fire Department (OFD) Engine 332 and Pumper/Tanker 335; Grover Fire Department (GFD) Engine 342; Number Three Fire Department (N#FD) Light/Air Unit 328; Cleveland County EMS (CCEMS) Medic 17; Kings Mountain Police Department (KMPD); NC Highway Patrol; Cleveland County Fire Marshalls Office (CFM) C-40, C-41, C-43; Red Cross; State Bureau of Investigations (SBI); and the Cleveland County Arson Strike Team (AST). With all the agencies involved there was between 80-100 responders on the scene at the the height of the incident. All of these are units from Cleveland County, no units were dispatched from Gaston County. However, there units were the next ones to be dispatched, if needed.

    Fire watch was continued throughout the night and the investigation was started at first light by the KMPD, KMFD, SBI, CFM, and AST. The investigation is still on going. So, I can't mention much about the fire itself. Also, at this time no one has been arrested for starting the fires. One subject was detained by KMPD for creating a disturbance on the scene.

    The house between the two that burned, caught fire in October and is still under investigation.

    Bill, thanks for mentioning the fires in Kings Mountain. However, you need to get your facts from reliable sources, not from TV.

    I am a member of the Kings Mountain Fire Department and a reserve member with the Bethlehem Fire Department. I was at work at the Cleveland County Communications Center when this incident occurded. After work I went to the scene and assisted with salvage and overhaul and then assisted with the fire watch.

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