Semi Tanker overturns in West Tulsa

Tulsa, OK - 12/23/2001

A Semi Tanker Truck overturned into a ditch this afternoon at 3500 South Quanah Ave. The Diver of the Semi was able to get out safely and called 911. Engine 12 was the first company to arrive on scene. They reported that the Tanker was on its side and had two large holes on the top. The tanker was caring approximately 6,500 gallons of gasoline. Car 641 arrived on scene and set up Rosedale command. As precaution Engine 5, 12 were assigned to spray foam on and around the tanker. Engine 4 was assigned to water supply. Hazmat Task Force set up dikes contain as much of the gasoline as possible. Staging was setup at 35th and Rosedale.

A requested was made by command for additional foam from Sinclair Emergency Response Team. A remediation crew was called in to clean up the spill. Also, another tanker was brought in to transfer the remaining fuel for the damage tanker. EMSA was called in for standby, but no injures were reported. America Red Cross's Canteen was on scene to provide rehab to the firefighters.

Units on Scene: EMSA 318; Engine 1, 4, 5, 6, 12; Ladder 26, Hazmat Task Force, Car 641 (Command), 512 (Safety), 531 (PIO) 882, 894, 898; Tulsa Police (UDN); Tulsa Public Works; Sinclair Emergency Response Team; American Red Cross.