charlotte nc 12/26/01 working fire. hidden valley road 1 story wood house 2 rooms going. fire held to those rooms and smoke throughout house. engines22,27,11 ladder 27 batt2 w/f engine35,rescue 3 batt1 2045 hrs.
12/27/01 2nd alarm 5035 cherrycrest lane.siteof prior 3 alarm fire in next building. 3 story wood apartment. fire showing through roof on arrival. 4 units f/i and extending to more. total of 4 units destoryed and 4 damaged.32 homeless.engines 20,16,ladder 16 batt 5(due to calls boxed filled adding engine 12,rescue 3 batt4) 2nd alarm engine10,30,6,8, ladder2 batt1,car28,12,80,81,85.great job no injuries in 20 degree weather.0215 am
1600 brookdale street 2 story brick house.engine 20 calls working fire as it leaves station 2 miles away due to smoke in sky. smoke seen on interstate 77 1 1/2 miles away. house was f/i on arrival and suffered some floor and wall collaspse.engines20,12,16,ladder16 batt5 rescue 3 batt1 added going in w/f engine26,10 very long and hard overhaul.0920 hrs.
1659 scotland ave. 2 story brick house.(some first due units at other fire) heavy fire on firsst floor and into attic. god stop made with 3 lines and good vent owners away at time of fire.engines1,4,64,ladder 1 batt1,4,(rescue 10 out of service due to repair)batt 1 told of no rescue inservice so rescue 3 took up and also covered this fire)w/f engine 5,ladder 4
2 mva fatals 0155 hrs providence road at quail oaks pickup truck hit tree one doa. pinin and flight service returned on arrival of engine 9.
other fatal mva close to engine 9 station. providence vfd and city units on scene. 1 fatal,2 to hospital,city engines9,24,ladder24 rescue 3,providence engine323,resce 322 1600 12/27
working fire 12/27 2045 hrs.4500 mooreland drive. sent as still for engine 10 as auto found 1 story wood house almost f/i engine 10 asked for box.bringing engines17,2, ladder 2 rescue 10,batt 3,1, 3 lines held fire and was under control in 20 min.