These incidents occurred in Reading over the past few weeks:
----121601: 0917 hours box 21, 13th & Cotton streets, AOF 507 S. 12th street. 2&1/2 story M.O.R. dwelling with fire on 1st floor, 2 occupants rescued via ground ladder from rear. Fire under control at 0933 hours. Companies assigned: E12,5,1,Sn1,R1,M-3, C-3 & 6, E3(safety company)
----121801: 2228 hours box 38, 3rd street @ Lebanon Valley Railroad Crossing, AOF 236 Greenwich street. 3 story E.O.R. mixed occupancy (apartments above corner store) with firebombing of 1st floor.Under control time was 2258. (Building was scene of homicide on 121601). Companies assigned: E3,1,9,L1,Sn1,R1,M-3,C-1 & 9, E5(safety company).
----121901: ****HAZ MAT FIRE**** 1241 hours AFA and box 1241, Central Catholic High School @ 1400 Hill Rd. 3 story block x half block school with chemical fire in science lab. Under control time was 1309. Companies assigned: E12,1,3,9,Sn1,L1,R1, M-4 & 6, C-1 & 7, E5(safety company)
----122201: ***MVA PIN JOB**** 0120 hours, rescue assignment dispatched to Lancaster Ave. and Carroll st. 1 car vs pole with 1 victim pinned inside. Vicitm extricated with Hurst tool at 0133 hours and transported to local in serious condition. Companies assigned: E14,R1,M-3, & C6
----same date: 0206 hours box 87, Ritter & W. Oley streets, AOF 620 Weiser street. 3 story M.O.R. with fire in basement. Under control time was 0230 hours. Companies assigned: E11,3,9,L1,Sn1,R1,M-4, C-6, & E1(safety company)
----same date:****MVA PIN JOB**** 1342 hours rescue assignment dispatched to Lancaster Ave. and Grace street. Companies arrived at 2 vehicle accident with 1 victim pinned. Victim extricated with Hurst tool at 1354 hours. Companies assigned: E14,R1,M-3, C-7. (E1 s/c to assist after leaving fuel depot 3 blocks away)
----122701: 0156 hours still alarm for auto fire to the rear of 741 Pear street. Numerous calls reporting fire spreading to building with box 81, 2nd & Oley streets transmitted at 0159 hours. Companies arrived at 0200 to find fully involved car fire which had extended to 2 frame garages. Fire under control at 0219 hours. Companies assigned: Still alarm: E11 & C-9. Fill out box 81: E3,9,L1,Sn1,R1,M-1 & E1(safety company)
----same date: 2322 hours box 823, Weiser & W. Marion streets, AOF 1228 N. Front street. 2&1/2 story M.O.R. dwelling with fire in attic. Under control time was 2332. Companies assigned: E11,3,9,L3,R1,M-6, C-7 & E1(safety company)