On Dec. 30 2001 the Norrisville VFC was on a Detail when they were alerted for a 10-50 PI. Chief 10 and E-1012 quickly cleared the detail and went responding. Chief 10 arrived o/l with a older model antique truck into a ditch with one Pt still inside. Chief 10 upgraded the Box to a rescue and requested 2nd and 3rd due medics and MSPT. The car was stabilized using a winch, cribbing and High lift jacks. The Pt was extricated in about 15 min and was in stable condition when she was flown via MSPT 6 to University of MD Shock Trauma. The driver of the car and the back seat passenger were transported by ground.

Units on scene:
M-1091 M-692 YCM-56 E-1012 E-1013 R-1082 B-1041
Chief 10 Chief 10-1 Chief 10-9