This past weekend brought a close to one of the busiest single weeks for Mohnton Borough in recent memory:

January 1, 2002: Companies 57 (Mohnton), 42 (Cedar Top) and 67 (Shillington) were dispatched at approximately 9:30 AM to 101 N. Church Street in Mohnton Borough when a passerby reported a fire in the apartment building at that address. Mohnton Chief (57-10) and Lt. (57-15) arrived on scene almost simultaneously reporting a working fire in the basement and first floor. The working fire report brought Company 56 RIT Team (Gouglersville) and Squad 680 (Southern Berks Regional EMS) for EMS coverage. The fire was contained to the basement and first floors by attack and search crews from 57, 42 and 67. Shortly thereafter, the remainder of Copany 56, along with Companies 70 (Grill) and 59 (Lincoln Park) were called to the scene to relieve initial attack and search crews and assist with overhaul. No residents were home at the time. One Mohnton firefighter sustained a fractured toe in a fall on ice at the scene. Canteen services were also provided by Unit 200 (Reading Fire Depatment canteen unit) and standby coverage was provided by Companies 72 (Brecknock Twp.) and 69 (Kenhorst). Preliminary investigation suggests that the cause was electrical.

January 5, 2002: Companies 57, 42 and 67 (Shillington) were dispatched at approximately 1:30 PM to 159 Chestnut Street in Mohnton Borough when a neighbor reported a possible structure fire in the adjoining duplex. Mohnton Chief (57-10) arrived on scene reporting a working fire in the first floor rear, bringing Company 56 RIT team and Squad 680 to the scene. The first attack crew from Truck 57 was able to contain the fire to the kitchen/dining area, while crews from Company 67 and 42 units affected the primary and secondary searches. No one was home at the fire address and the home sustained heat and smoke damage throughout, along with the destruction of the kitchen/dining area.