charlotte nc friday working fire 330 glen rock drive 1 story wood house. fire in kitchen and living room. 2 lines out. batt 5 d. hickin had goood attck on fire and held fire to point found on arrival.engines20,12,30 ladder26, batt 5 w/f , engine 2 rescue 10 batt3 (rescue and batt3 returned ) 1320 hrs.
working fire 1800 block sharon lakes drive same shift. 2 story apartment top floor fire. 2 lines out held fire to one unit. batt 5 made good search to find family's dog were not able to save him.engines20,16,12, ladder 16 batt5 w/f rescue 3 engine 2 0414 hrs.
westside's turn. working fire 411 e. tood street 1 story wood and brick house. portable heater caused fire that almost totaled house. 800 sf house f/i on arrival engines25,33,13,ladder13 batt6 w/f rescue 10 engine5 batt3 1525 hrs.
working fire 239 keswick ave. 1 story wood house. f/i in rear both tennants out on has heavy damage. engines11,4,7,ladder4 batt 2 w/f/rescue 10 engine1 0430 hrs
mt holly nc working fire 414 highland ave 1 story brick house. fire in 3 rear rooms held there. gaston stations34,30,31 on scene