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    Looking for feedback and comments on rear mounted pumps. Approx. 100 in service in U.S. Pump is mounted at back of truck below hose bed. Pump panel typically located in one of the rear side compartments.Phoenix and Miami-Dade just bought six each. Pros and Cons?

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    Check with Aneheim, Ca. also. I believe they are on their second generation with them. Unsure on type of the first ones. The second ones are Stealth pumpers by Saulsbury I believe.

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    Rear mount pumps are a great idea they offer more visibility than a normal side mount and still move the hoses away from the operator. The cons are a long drive shaft from the pump transmission and long runs for front suction and discharge lines. The hose bed is another concern you will be loosing some supply hose space to attack lines. I like the Scorpion pumper it is on a Fl70 or an Navistar 4700 short wheel base rescue style compartments, Nice small truck.

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    We just bought an engine with a rear mounted pump. We have rool-up doors and the pump panel is in the back, not the side. Precision Fire Apparatus (Missiouri) made it for us. It is ok but all the discharges come from the back, except front bumper, and the only intake is in the back. If the panel would have been on the side then it would be a great truck.

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    In Australia we have been using rear mounted pumps for many years. Currently the pump at the station I am at is raer mounted and some good things about it is that the engine noise is way down and if parked correctly the operater can see everything that is going on. One thing that has happened is the uni joint at the pump end did break.

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    Hello from Canada.My dept.Colwood,purchased a truck in 95.rear pump, panel on left rear side of truck.1500 IGPM hale hump.we have had no complaints with the unit since its been in service,most like the layout and it gave us the advantage of going to a enclosed cab but still keeping overall size and wheelbase down.if you would like more info or specs please e-mail


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    Our department is taking delivery of our first rear mounted pump this week. We went with the rear mounted pump as it gave us more compartment space then a midmount pump. The truck will have 1500gpm pump, 1000 gallons of water, 40 gallon foam cell. 5 full depth compartments, 20 kw hyd. generator and much more.

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