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    Default Mini Pumpers for water supply

    We are currently trying to determine whether to replace our 1976 Mini pumper, a Dodge one ton chassis 4X4 with a front mount pump 750 GPM. It's primany propose is water supply and grass fires. Finding a replacement vehilce has proven diffcult due to chassis constraits and cost. What are other rural departments doing for water supply which rely on ponds and creeks?

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    Ken Apel
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    Look up Do-It-Rite located in sw mo. They have a 2000 gpm pump you can mount on a 1/2 ton pick up or a trailer for about $10,000. Several departments in my county have them and are happy with them.


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    Our Department is quite rural and we use high volume portable pumps quite frequently. Some of the new portable pumps can output a very good water supply used in conjuction with LDH. They are heavy, but easily placed on a standard pickup chasis and taken to your water supply easily.

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    We took delevery about 18 months ago of a 4900 series navistar 4x4 with a 1250 front mount and 4000' of 5" just for rural water supply . We are surrounded by water but untill now have only had limited access to it. Now if the fire is close to the water we just lay a line , other wise we use the rig as a dedicated tanker filler . At times we will pump the water a extended distance to a area that the tankers can access . This truck has allowed us to cross beaches that were unacessable before . The truck has a short wheel base for good turning .The disadvantge is no on board water so this is water supply only . We felt if we put water on it some one would take it to a fire and there it would sit .

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    If you are looking for a small chassis for mounting a large pump on try the Ford F550 Superduty. The gvwr is 19,000 i believe and the Powerstroke should have plenty power for a front mount 750 gpm pump. Ford also is releasing the F650 and the F750 Superduty in May i believe but they are on the larger chassis. F550 is pickup chassis.

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    For those interested in drafting, my department continues to run a 1975 IH 1.5ton truck with a front mount Hale 750 pump. It is due to be replaced, though it will pump 900+gpm.

    I do not believe that Ford will warranty a front-mount on the F450 and F550, even though IH has adaptors to run a front pto.
    Cooling is the big issue.

    KME is developing a minipumper on the F550 chassis. They have one know with a midship 500gpm pump. I believe they are slowly working up to a 1000gpm. The powerstroke can do it ( IH T444).

    I have seen Dodge drafting units - 1 ton pickups with the Cummins engine and a front mount 750 pump. Again, weight and cooling concern.

    I believe that IH is a good bet. The 4800 series 4x4 with the DT466 engine is capable of running a 1250 pump in either the front mount or midship. Check Hale's page and it will tell you pump types for that engine. I am turning towards the midship for a couple of reasons. The Qmax pumps are available with large orifices, you can have more intakes, and it is more like our engines (side pump-no standing down near the water)). You can even enclose the pump panel behind a roll-up door to protect it from brush, trees, or any fences you might have to drive through.

    Check out Firovac. They have been making vacuum tankers for years, and I am trying to work out a way with them that the motor (crankshaft) or aux trans pto can run a vacuum pump. Therefore your midship pump can draft out of multiple inlets or through long lengths of suction hose

    Things to think about for the unit. Good scene lighting (who wants to be down by a pond in the middle of nowhere in the dark?), lots of suction hose, lots of 5" hose, and that rear-mounted winch when you need to go for it to make the water source.

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    In response to ljoe; The KME Unit I've seen comprises of a 4x4 F-450 or 550 with the 750gpm pump. However, The frame needed to be cut on the unit to facilitate the PTO. For a mini-pumper, with replacement at least 20 years in most locations, is not a good move.
    When buying replacement Apparatus, water supply or other, Buy a unit that will serve you the best, and perform the job. If it is a water supply unit, that by that. Making the 2000gpm, 3000 gallon, Custom Cab "Do-All" rescue pumper that everyone tries to buy is not practicalfor anyone. Besides function, take into consideration length, height width, and weight. The large unit might not make the house fire up the 1/4 mile dirt driveway, turn around when finished, or you'll be painting the roof from the branches. Unfortunately, A Water supply unit needs to be more than a F-550; But buy the smallest possible that fits your needs.

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    In response to ljoe: Didn't S&S try to go the route of putting a big pump on a Superduty Ford? I think it was called the Mighty Max. From what I recall they ended up having to upgrade it to a IH 4900 because the F series couldn't deliver. No pun intended.

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    Yes S&S did build minipumpers with pumps -I've seen a 750 rearmount. I believe the limiting factor in these applications was the transfer case. The IH 4700, 4800, and 4900 can come with the T444E engine - what Ford calls the powerstroke. I believe that if you used an F-series Super Duty for drafting, and want a "big" pump - 750+ -you would be maxing yourself out from the start. Even though the IH 4800 4X4s are big..., the motor, axles, and drive train would hold up longer in the long run. There are a couple of other companies that I know of that have speced F-550's with 1000gpm pumps. I would like to see how they make out.

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    Driver Only
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    Yeah sure...you probably put fog nozzles on it too huh??? Ja'Eat yet????
    Hi Dave....!!

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