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    Default Looking for help justifying two quints

    Have just solicited bids for two quints and believe I have support for one in hand. However, some believe second truck should be a pumper/tanker instead of another quint. We protect $1.2B, 27 sq miles north of Raleigh, NC with a Class 6 non-hydrant rating and operate out of two stations. The quint requirement is based on having a large bedroom community with average property value of $225,000 and large 3,000 square foot avg three story colonials that have 10/12 pitch roofs with 20 foot runs. Most set backs are greater than 100 feet. The quint we have identified is Pierce with all-wheel-steer to enter driveways and be first due. (1500gpm, 800 gal., 900' 5" LDH and four preconnects, rear pump suction). If we get only one, the department is confronted with two different SOGs and the decision of where to house the quint. These quints would be the only county aerial units on the north side of Raleigh and subject to mutual aid requests. Also, when quint is down for maintenance, then only one quint would mean no quint coverage around the clock. The money is available and the cost is no more than the original capital plan of buying two pumper/tanker replacements, and an aerial, which would require an extra truck bay and does not give an ISO reserve capability. Does anybody have other ideas for justification?

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    Two properly equipped quints will count to ISO as a truck and two engines or two engines and one truck. I'm speaking from experience. We have two Pierce aerials with 2000 gallon tanks and enjoy a Class 3 without hydrants. I agree with you standardize the first out piece from each station, carry plenty of water, use water extenders CAFS or Class A foam. I agree with the opposition that a pumper tanker should be in the mix but it should be in the form of two pumper tender quints see: http://www.geocities.com/Baja/Trails/6658/ Pierce can easily add a third rear axle to upsize the tank and maintain the turn radius.

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    Yes, we do have three pumper/tankers already. Two '86 & '89Pierce 1250GPM, 1250 Gal, and one '93 E-One with 1000 Gal. We also have 6 other departments with over 8,000 gallons more of nearby mutual aid.

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