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    Default AerialScope or LTI ????

    We already have 2 LTI's (100' Rearmount w/ Bucket and 75' Stick) We are getting rid of the 100' and want an aerialscope. We had trouble w/ LTI @ first.
    Any opinon would help. Please let me know what you think of either truck.
    Thanks and Be Safe Brothers

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    I assume your question is whether to replace the 100' LTI platform with either another LTI or an Aerialscope. It kinda depends on how you use the apparatus. Your members are probably pretty good with the platform you have. If that is the case then don't deviate from something that works in terms of your SOPs or fireground deployment and use. I guess it depends on if you use the actual ladder part of your 100' LTI. If you use the ladder as a common method of removing occupants or moving firefighters then you would have to possibly change your operations. If you don't regularly use the actual ladder part then I would go with the Aerialscope. This particular device is a proven tool for masterstream deployment from horizontal use in the front door all the way to the roof at the 90' mark. Don't buy a particular builder just because of some teething problems in the beginning. Every apparatus builder has a few problems when their units go in service at first. A good builder worth doing business with will repair and fix your unit from the word go. No hassles and you being happy should be paramount in their minds. If you actually use your ladder portion or would like to have that option then the LTI is a good alternative. The LT 93 model is getting very popular up in your neck of the woods. There have been no less than 5 or 6 delivered recently to the Long Island area. These dept.'s may offer insight if you have not spoken with them already. They all bought them for some reason. Find out why. This model appears to offer the same flexibility that the aerialscope offers plus a legitimate ladder. I hope I helped and didn't further muddy the waters. E-Mail me if you have any other questions.

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