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    Default American La France Century Pumper

    My department is looking for the side jumpseat windows for our 1979 American La France Century Pumper we are refurbing for parades and the like. We need both the chauffers and officers side jumpseat windows. Anyone with info on locations for these windows or if someone has a pair for sale please let me know. Thanks in advance.

    L. Di Camillo

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    Have you contacted your local American LaFrance Dealership? Check out the updated American LaFrance website http://www.americanlafrance.com for contact information. Your dealer can contact the factory and provide many parts for units back to the early 1900's.

    Rob Haldeman - Technical Services & Marketing Coordinator for American LaFrance

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    Try contacting directly Doug Quesenberry At ALF Legacy parts. Phone 704 278 6218 Fax 704 278 6252. He has had everything for my 1977 Century.

    Bob Compton

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