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    Default Quints watered down

    Read the new 1901 (1999 revision)

    More watering down of the "quint"...only 80 ft. of ground ladders proposed, ilo the 115 on a aerial...."oh, thats why its not called a truck anymore." ...and only 300 gal. water required as a minimum, wow.

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    We are replacing a quint aerial & are limited to 2 main things>>>
    1. a price @ $550,000
    2. a manufacturer that can offer "creative" ways of paying for it.
    (I'm not looking for responses as to a specific manufacturer but rather ideas others have used to get a useable truck after things are trimmed away to keep it affordable)

    After we pretty much kept all stock items, nothing too extravagant, allowing for the pump, tank, ladder, ground ladders, small generator, smaller cab, lower size engine etc. On paper we come up with an adequate piece. With the commissioners not budging on the price, I'am trying to come up with a contingency plan "if the price is over our amount....
    (We are still of the believe a useable ladder turck can be obtained for $550,000 -
    call us crazy)
    So any Innovative, creative ideas anyone has used to save money on thier spec's would be helpful...
    Feel free to e-mail me with responses or for clarification on this...

    Sparkill FD - JRM31333@aol.com

    Sparkill FD - JRM31333@aol.com

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