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    Default Aerial ladder tip controls

    Our department is in the process of drawing up specs for a heavy duty 75ft. quint and we were thinking about installing ladder tip controls. We need any information pro or con form any departments that are currently using these controls


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    Our department has a 75 foot Quint from Pierce Manufacturing. Ours has tip controls and they work very well. They allow the individual on the tip to move which ever way they wish. Tip controls operate at a slower speed than the base controls. The tip only had power control when the main operator on the base allows the tip to control himself. Base operator can shut down tip controls at anytime to prevent someone from doing something wrong,4 eyes work better than 2. We are very pleased with our Pierce and it responds on all structures within our department and for mutual aid request, when needed. We just wish we had gotten a 100 foot in place of a 75.

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