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    We are considering two apparatus manufacturers in NY State that produce stainless steel bodies for Class A pumpers. Does anyone have any good, bad or in-different stories to share about their apparatus or their service ?

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    I have seen many apparatus is 17 years of firefighting and would only buy stainless steel from 4.

    Saulsbury is very good with fit and finish the workers are very proud of thier work. There has been some folks leaving the SF&RA ship after Federal took over. The buy-out did boost the dealer support. I am not sure if you will be able to get an ALF Eagle Chassis through Saulsbury. They can be pricy they wanted $5,000 more for hinged doors over roll-ups, why?

    Seagrave makes a very fine truck. They have many in FDNY and if they can last there they will be fine anywhere. There have been problems with some warranty through the CNY dealer but the other NY dealers are taking the slack nicely. The fit and finnish is not nearly as nice as Saulsbury. If you want a truck that lasts they can build it. Now that they have Aerialscope onboard they have a full product line.

    RD Murray has fit and finish simmalr to Saulsbury. I can't say much about RDM but this, they are in the sights of ALF/Freightliner. If you are looking for a confirmed ALF chassis this would be a phone call i'd make.

    Sutphen has been a good name for a long time. One dealer in Southern NY is a fantistic guy. The one in central NY, well I'll leave it there. Warranty is fantastic thet bendover backwards to make you happy. Ther don't seem as beefy as the others but still a nice truck. Syracuse has many.

    I have my preference but that is personal and not practical, here I have to be neutral.

    Many factors are involved in a new apparatus purchase of which are price and practicality.

    I would be more than happy to help you and your Dept.



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    We have 3 R.D. Murray's in service, 2 engines and a rescue. All are on Spartan chassis. We are very satisfied with the overall workmanship and quality, one of the biggest items to make us a repeat customer is the service and cooperation we have had working with the company. Warranty problems, which were few and relatively minor were taken care of quickly and painlessly. Absolute great company to deal with, we are beginning the spec process for replacing our truck and we will definitely be talking with them again.

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    We currently have a Stainless Steel Spartan/Saulsbury engine being built right now in Tully. This will be a twin to another one we had built in 1995. We are very pleased with the one we currently have and the early preview of what is on the line. We also have Saulsbury Heavy Duty Rescue that we purchased in 1988 that we had no problem with. Also I have noticed that since they were bought out by Federal that their production has improved without losing their quality. Our engine built in 1995 was late and the engine we are having built now will be here a month earlier. The cost for the engine was slightly higher then others but the quality far exceeds others. Like they say you get what you pay for....

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