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    Default Pumper-Tanker Specs

    We are looking to replace our present converted fuel oil tanker with a new pumper tanker. Looking for suggestions, good or bad. Also looking for anyone with experience with rigs from: US Tanker, 4 Guys, Sal-Emergency, S&S, Semco or others. Good or bad experiences.

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    Have you thought about buying a firovac tanker. We've had one for 4 years and love it. Firovac will build a pumper-tanker or straight vacuum tanker. Our truck has a 2000 gallon tank which can be loaded in less than 1 min 30 sec. It is very simple to operate and requires little manpower to fill.

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    Your best bet is to go with 4-GUYS Stainless Steel. Thgey have been the leader in tanker manufacturing and will give you the best product for a very competitive price.

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