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    We are looking to replace our present converted fuel oil tanker with a new pumper tanker. Looking for suggestions, good or bad. Also looking for anyone with experience with rigs from: US Tanker, 4 Guys, Sal-Emergency, S&S, Semco or others. Good or bad experiences.

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    A department where I used to be a member operates a 1990 (I believe) Grumman Pumper-Tanker. The unit is on a Spartan Eurospace (10 man) tandem-axle Chassis and carries 2500 gallons of water and has a 30 gallon foam cell and an in-line eductor. The pump is a 1250gpm (Waterous). Running a predominently non-hydranted rural area, the unit was designed to run as a first out piece, that could be self supportive for the first several minutes until other crews arrive.

    If there was one thing to be learned from this... BIG is not always better... Maneuverability in this beast can be difficult. Also, it is heavy, so watch bridge limits in your response area.

    Good luck in your specing process and strongly evaluate the pluses and minuses to build yourself a piece that will be functional for your response district...

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    Check out these two fire department web sites they are both listed as the top two most linked USA Fire Departments here on Fire House . com. Both have lots of detail about tanker pumpers, are well thought out rigs, around 600 pictures, specs, sops, etc.



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    Thanks for the info, keep it coming. ka- very impressive rigs. Must have one heck of a tax base or very affluent bingo players. Would love to have just 10% of that budget to work with. I'm afraid that those monsters would not navigate many of our narrow, winding roads here in the hills of Central PA. With our funding, we are limited to a commercial chassis rig anyway. 4 Guys has been highly recommended. Anyone know anything about an Ohio company "Sal Emergency?" Any others?

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    <. Must have one heck of a tax base >

    Not my rigs, if you read the profile on the web page you'll see they saved so much insurance money for everyone that the taxpayers bought them whatever they wanted. One of the depts said their huge rigs would out turn an extended cab ford pickup.

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    4Guys probably would be the best for you.

    Also do you need it for off road if so contact the Evergreen Fire Department in Colorado they have a 4x4 1500 gallon tender that is awesome.


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    My department runs a 840gpm 1000gal pumper/tanker and a 625gpm- 1200gal pumper/tanker. We find they work very well and are a lot easier to get around in then a tandem. Check them out on our website at www.auracom.com/~bpfd/

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    A local department has 2500 gal tankers with 1250 gpm Darley pumps and are equiped with quick dumps. They have a good tax base to work with and hve 20 of them spaced on 4 mile seperation across the county. First due serves as site pumper and later due tankers supply it using a nurse tank operation. For rating, they have a 1500 GPM shuttle rating. This system has worked very well.

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